Tuesday, March 6, 2012


photo © Mark Butkus 2008
Under the covers, under the weather.

a sniffling mess
who drools out of
the corners of the eyes
leaving trails of tissues
from one room to the next
a rush hour congestion
within a pounding head
turn up the heat
turn down the heat
a petri dish yoyo of ails
a spastic dance with
each and every cough
a nixonian clearing
of the throat
lacking in virility
lacking in a pulse
still beautiful to you
returning home from work
with pistachio ice cream
to soothe a reddened throat
as you soothe a tempered soul

— Mark Butkus


  1. So many great images here. Nixonian clearing of the throat... too much! This is a perfect poem

  2. how lovely is that...bringing you pistachio ice cream when you are sick... just love this..much better than camomille tea...just saying...smiles..

  3. I wish someone will bring me pistachio ice cream when I have a reddened throat ~

    Happy day to you ~

  4. Being sick is just nasty indeed, but so nice having someone to look after you, great scene you set, even if it messed with my ocd..haha

  5. awww...i like the turn at the end, it made the poem for me...from one i was going to wash my hands after to one that warmed the heart...smiles.

  6. Great ending and really good description of what it's like. My husband's not well so guess I best go get some ice cream for him! Feel better, if this is you, now!

  7. ha, i have to echo what brian said, that describes my experience exactly. great twist at the end, and a great description of a place we've all been...well done!

  8. Oh, how very timely. I am so glad you feel better. It sounds miserable although the poem is brilliant.

  9. A morsel of heaven on your tongue ... lovely.

  10. The one who had captured this photo has a great talent. It really captured the real story behind it. Canon cameras are also great in capturing images. I am using this brand and nothing experienced bad issues.

    1. Your kind words have been passed along to the photographer, Kyra. Most images on these pages are taken with a Canon or a Nikon depending on the subject and location.