Friday, February 3, 2012

Scream Dream: Ingrid Pitt Novels Rise from the Grave

Leading lady of horror, Ingrid Pitt, left behind a number of unpublished novels following her death in 2010 including a sequel to her well received spy novel Cuckoo Run. Those novels are now being released by Northern Ireland press Avalard Publishing, as part of a five book deal.

The first book to be released will be Annul Domini a controversial science fiction novel that is set to cause some ripples in the literary world, with it's speculation about Christianity and what would happen if Jesus had never been able to fulfill his destiny.

When a wealthy man ponders how much more could have been achieved if Jesus had lived to continue his ministry, he funds the creation of a time machine in order to go back and save Jesus from crucifixion. But when his agent is sent back in time his brain is scrambled by the experience and he struggles to remember his mission... only that he must see Jesus.

Ingrid Pitt is perhaps best remembered as the voluptuous star of classic British horror movies by Hammer Films in the 1970s. Leading roles in Countess Dracula and The Vampire Lovers would cement Ingrid’s iconic status as a glamorous ‘scream queen.’ A Holocaust survivor born in Poland, Ingrid survived the terrors of World war II concentration camps. She made her film debut in Doctor Zhivago and left her mark in Where Eagles Dare opposite Clint Eastwood and Richard Burton.

Alongside her career as an actress, Ingrid was a successful writer. During her life she published three novels, a children’s book, three books of non-fiction, a volume of autobiography, a recently released Doctor Who audio play (based on a script originally commissioned for the TV series in the 1980s), and numerous contributions to other books and regular columns. She had just completed work on the manuscript of The Hammer Xperience (a personal memoir of her Hammer career) at the time of her death in November 2010.

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