Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Behind the Carousel

Two secret lovers steal away
They’re covered by the dark.
And meet behind the carousel
In an abandoned park.

They’ve hid their love for oh so long
Their passion at new heights
And let themselves be taken o’er
To cherish new delights.

He takes her in his arms at last
And pulls her close to him.
They kiss and touch and feel so free,
Exploring every whim.

He hikes her skirts and presses her
Against a wooden horse,
He finds his mark and slides inside.
She meets his driving force.

They move together, so in love,
But eyes reveal their pain.
While in this time they’re free to feel,
They cannot meet again.

They focus on the here and now
Becoming one in flesh.
Their souls entwined, their bodies spent,
A tear falls on her breast.

He pulls away and hides his face.
She straightens out her dress.
Before they say goodbye—not yet!
They share one last caress.

He goes his way and she goes hers,
Lamenting they must part.
Whatever after comes of this,
At least they’ll have the park.

 - Olivia M. Grey

(Olivia M. Grey prefers to live in the cobwebbed corners of her dark mind writing paranormal romance with a Steampunk twist. Her premiere novel, Avalon Revisited, is an Gothic Romance bestseller. A second novel, The Zombies of Mesmer, is available for Kindle. She also writes short stories, relationship articles, and angsty poetry within the pages of Caught in the Cogs. The Bar None Group thanks Olivia for sharing Behind The Carousel with our readers.)


  1. A little heavy on cliche but nice to see iambs being used properly on the blogosphere

  2. Thanks, I think. :)
    I do like writing in iambs, actually.