Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It's The Passion

It is the passion
that causes me the most trouble
the passion
because it is so raw
so new
that it surges within me
and I can’t stop the noise

I try to  ignore it
try to deceive it
but it knows better
it is aware
that it needs
to be expressed
must be addressed
that I can’t hide it anymore
it is the passion
that dwells within
this place that I am
that drives me to moments of desire
when the fire burns
like never before
the night calls me
dawn enhances my delirium
enrages the flames
as they dance within me
lapping rhythmically,
at my heart which swells
the heat at times
smothering me
I gasp for air
look to the sky
hoping it will rain
which will at least
hold this conflagration at bay
until the next time
when passion
for the fire is not extinguished
but merely smoldering
its heat still very evident
in my eyes

 - Paz Villaronga

(Known as "The Drumpoet," the New York-born Paz Villaronga recites his poetry while accompanying himself on congas, creating a fusion of poetry, percussion, and music that take his verse to a new level. Paz Villaronga has received the Golden and Silver Poet Award in California and has placed third in La Cancion Bilingue - The Bilingual Song Competition in Washington D.C. It's The Passion is from his 1995 collection of poems, Poet and appears here with the author's permission.)

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