Sunday, December 25, 2011

What I Don't Have for Christmas

I don't have a lot
in a Christmas regard

I don't have Photoshop skills
to craft you a card

I don't have a Christmas tree
just a branch strewn with lights

I don't have gingerbread cookies
or any delights

I don't have a stocking
or a fireplace flue

I don't have Elvis
or his Christmases Blue

I don't have an iPod
with seasonal tunes

I don't have pretty strings
at the end of balloons

I don't have a sleigh
but then neither do you

I don't have my health
I've come down with the flu

I don't have a list
of things from a store

I don't have a wreath
hanging up on my door

I don't have a picture
to put in a frame

I don't have a book
to inscribe with your name

I don't have my friends
who are far and not near

I don't have my family
to share in the cheer

I don't have a dime
to purchase gift wrap

I don't have the time
for the superfluous crap

I don't have a prayer
Jesus Christ, imagine that

I don't have gay apparel
no fur trimmed red hat

I don't have a manger
it's in a faraway box

I don't have a turkey
just bagels and lox

I don't have frankincense,
whatever that is

I don't have a trinket
for dear old Aunt Liz

I don't have gold or myrrh
and I only know what one of those are

I don't have plum pudding
my treat's a Mars bar

I don't have snow
for a ball or a fort

I don't have the presence
for a witty retort

I don't even have ice
except in a glass

I don't have a rhyme
that wouldn't sound crass

I don't have three ghosts
not even booze for a toast

I don't have a ham
in the oven to roast

I don't have mistletoe
to wish you a kiss

I don't have much
that I'd ever miss

I don't have holly or ivy
or anything green

I don't have ill wishes
to say anything mean

I don't have the warmth
of the tropical sun

I don't have the strength
of God's only son

I don't have...
...much of anything

But I do have a heart
and it belongs to you.

Merry Christmas my love
You are all that I need
on this Christmas Day!

— Mark Butkus


  1. Sounds to me like you've got it all, Mark!
    Mine ends the same way yours does!

  2. jeremylum88 said...
    One thing you do have!God's Love within your heart! Merry Christmas to you!

  3. powerful,

    but you have a MIND, A HEART, A PEN, and A TALENT...
    that's a lot to make yourself rich inside and happy.

    Merry Christmas.

  4. you don't have everything but everything you have right now is grace....merry christmas!

  5. love this.

    count your blessings.
    have a fun day.

  6. It was a great day at the beach! Happy Holidays!

  7. it's amazing how many don't we have... but the love on just one can slay the don't away... even if it's just for the day:)

    Loved it!!!

    1. Thank you. If we take stock of what we have then I think we will all be pleasantly surprised...even if it is just for one day :)

  8. I like the pattern of i don't have that you used in this poetry!

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    1. Hmmm. This new "Reply/Delete" matrix has left me temporarily confused and my deleted comment was a replication of the comment above by Nithin.