Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ode to Wednesday Night

Maybe not the first
But with luck, the last
You have shown me something
Something I’ve not yet known

You make winter smile
Spring, summer and fall must follow
I may say I love you
But I may just love your company

Perhaps in time
Your glance will meet mine
And negate the spoken words

To transcend all
Me in your arms
You in my heart
Feel me through letters
That spell my emotions

In black lace
Limbs awry
Wednesday night
I love you

— Mark Butkus


  1. Worry about Thursday morning in the morning!

  2. You got it Mama! Live for the moment and if the moment leads to a new day or new season...

  3. Yes, I too have always found Wednesday night particularly alluring:)

  4. this is so beautiful

  5. now i'm getting a bit envious of your wednesday lace..hmmm... your wednesday nights seem so much more exciting than mine..smiles... love the spirit in this mark and the underlying sensuality..

  6. You flatter me Claudia. Your poems exude sensuality. I fumble around in the dark.

  7. Ah to be in lust on a lovely hump day,
    with that black lace as muse, and
    someone new, someone auditioning
    for partner, or at least companion.
    A "Butkus" can write no wrong.

  8. We gotta stick together Glenn...maybe not too close together. Not that there's anything wrong with that ;)

  9. Such a natural and simple-seeming outpouring, full of fine lines and lush imagery, yet with depths of thought, very concise and clean, as well. I love it when poets write about love.

  10. oh nice...hump day...haha...but i might call wednesday every day with the right kind of motivation you know...nice write...

  11. hey thats a fine ending - really whips up a triumph... enjoy your evening ;)

    arron shilling

  12. truly beautiful, I dig it! :)
    happy rally!!!

  13. Awesome write. Yearning for that true love. Very well done!

  14. I will not think of wednesdays in the same way for a long while. K.

  15. How do you feel now, on the morning after?

  16. Wow, so many questions that arose. This was well written; creative indeed. Keep it up!

    -Erick Flores