Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ho Ho Ho

It's coming to that time of year,
Where adverts push the Christmas cheer
Shop windows full of games and toys
Drooling mouths of girls and boys.

When parents take to making rules
All homework's done in all the schools
Rooms are tidied, the mess all cleared
'cause Santa's watching they all feared.

All plates are cleaned, and Greens are eaten
Children and parents both try to sweeten
Early to bed and say their prayers
Snuggled up with Teddy Bears.

Rudolph's ready with his nose so Red
Guiding Santa to each child's bed
Fulfilling letters of children's dreams
Elves working hard, all work in teams.

Down chimney stacks he'll slide and squeeze
Delivering presents with grace and ease
On Christmas day he won the race
To bring a smile to every face.

— David Williams

(David Williams is a retired driving instructor and a part-time poet living in the North West of England. Ho Ho Ho is David Williams' second contribution to the Bar None Group and appears here with the author's permission. Active in his local poetry group, David's poetry also appears on various sites including Poetry Soup.)

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