Wednesday, November 9, 2011

voice with a name

i heard the news today

another kid jumped
away from the pain,
landing on rocks far below.

day before and a few last month
nooses were made from childhood belts
as bullets got polished on band t-shirts.

twelve winters have passed,
yet echoes ring loud
from the boy left slaughtered
on a Midwestern fence.

his death as unnecessary
as death itself.

people cover their ears,
shut unloving eyes
as more marks are made
on decaying earth.

another voice is silenced
and sidewalks continue to weep.

 - Lynne Hayes

(Lynne Hayes describes herself as,a word scribbler...nothing more...nothing less. But Lynne is much more than that. She is the founder of Free Penny Press and the mother of “take-it-to-the-street-poetry,” (TITTSP).  TITTSP is a wonderful concept that shares poetry on a grassroots level and we encourage you to check it out. Lynne's poem voice with a name first appeared on the word bar and appears within the online pages of Bar None Group with her permission.)


  1. Such a sad fate, awful that so many feel they have to come to this, wonderfully told.

  2. Pat, I agree. Lynne's lament should give us all pause.