Saturday, November 12, 2011

open links

hooded sweater pulled deep in my face, heavy
space falls on me with galaxies exploding
in the black part of my eye, pacing dirt-dipped
streets for fresh air, care-less thoughts, search for
the grit, feel like shit and zero fits together 2day — heavily
blurry, i'm too weary to type these lines, but they
shout, form riots in my mind, resurrections from
what i thought was long dead, i freeze, bind

them on trees like pale, smutted soldiers,
hanged in wars no one talks about
any more and with hollow gaze they’re staring
at me, eye close my i's, don‘t want to see how
ugly this world can get, breathless at the

cigarettes and vomit puddles at my feet
spit by fourteen something girls on bad nights, that
when they're lucky end up in hospital at my
friend's station with a diaper and an infusion
and someone who at least physically cares, not

pushed in the bed of some slobbery guy who
shoots, then fucks them 'til something dies and they
wince, whine but never make the escape
and with greasy needles shame etches deep into them,
branding like brute, bruised and crashed in

piss lakes of what happens next and if you
can't swim this is where you drown in, Get
the first shot for free and we'll see further,
only there is no other day just night and

the light is swallowed by these corpses on
the tube floor, they still move as a proof of what?
just don‘t tell me it's life, so i seek — you and
weep, binding your pain on thick branches between
the tree's broken spine, next to mine, next to
the hanged, the damned but who

carries them, my back — an aching mess, forgot
how cold this wind can get but be sure, i've NOT
given up yet

— Claudia Schoenfeld

A friend to all poets, Claudia Schoenfeld is the co-founder of dVerse Poets Pub as well as being an amazing poet herself. open links first appeared on jaywalking the moon and is republished here with permission of the author. Stop for a pint at the Poets Pub on Tuesdays, say hi to Claudia and that barfly at the end of the bar who has a poem or two up their sleeve.



  1. hey mark...thanks and happy saturday..!

  2. ..just came back to read it properly and thanks so much for also mentioning dVerse.. for sure a cool place to hang out with some great poets in an inspiring atmosphere..and not only on tuesdays..smiles