Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Am Drowning

Seconds drag like years. Stuck in a silent mist.
My mind like a "For Sale" sign, tethered
Constrained. An occasional sway in a breeze,
Resulting in an unoccupied state of mind.

An unbearable feeling of uselessness
Stemming from a grimy background
From which no answers can be elicited
The Blackboard has been erased forever
Locked doors and high walls mean,
Therapy is only good for the Therapist!
That; that was once ingrained, is lost
Danger lies ahead, lurking in the shadows
Waiting for the right moment to strike.
A silent killer.
This; that gnaws at my brain, is without
Doubt, slowly killing me. Extruding life.
My head hurts. My soul is broken.
I have forgotten how to laugh
I have forgotten how to whistle
I don't want this death!

- David Williams

(David Williams is a retired driving instructor and a part-time poet living in the North West of England. I am Drowning appears here with the author's permission. Active in his local poetry group, David's poetry also appears on various sites including Poetry Soup.)

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