Saturday, November 19, 2011

Half a Pint of Beer

Every girl knows her limit,
even if she won’t admit to it.
So as I sit beside you,
backs resting against the bar—
listening to the girl in the light
fill up the room with her blues
in the voice of my own heart—
I turn down the offer
until you reel it back
to half a pint of beer.

Every girl finds her limit,
but it saddens me to feel it in
that exploratory kiss
so full of joy and promise,
the one that bumps up against my wall.
I so want to climb over it,
drawn by virtue of patience,
yet I hold myself back.
I must stand on firm ground
before we push off and fly.

Every girl has her limit,
even when others can’t see it.
So as I sit beside you
and the bartender ignores
my words and pours a full glass of beer,
I choose to leave half a pint
and make my way to the door
to discover if that
pint of my life is half
empty or is…

Julie Laing

(Julie Laing is the author of the poetic chapbook, tracks. Julie's words can also be found in the just released Inspiration Speaks, a collaboration between writers and artists, that includes three of her poems. A Half Pint of Beer first appeared on The JulieBook and appears here with the author's permission.)


  1. thanks for sharing this... nice post!

    Have a wonderful week ahead!


  2. love this poem, the best I've read in a long time..there are worlds of meaning in the words

  3. Thanks, everyone! It's great to be featured here. If you know anyone who will be in NW Montana for the holidays: I'll be the featured poet at a reading at The Cottage Inn in Kila on Dec. 22 for a winter solstice celebration, and this piece will certainly be on the list!

  4. Thanks for sharing this... nice post! And love this poem, the best I've read in a long time.