Thursday, November 10, 2011

bring in all the poets

bring in all the poets
their flesh
with broken steps and gestures
with their lives and suffering
that live the poems
with a large swoop
scoop them up in a loose net
bring in all the poets
kiss them
love them
breath their intensity
ingest it into yourself
bring in all the poets
those that touch you
those that affect you
those who pound into you
make your heart beat fast
those who make your blood boil
bring in all the poets
that are just underneath the surface
on the edge
around the corner of your suppressed impulse
bring in all the poets
with your trumpet blow their brains out
with kindness
play with them
sing all aloud simultaneously
in the same movement
scream from the wounds of the earth
bring in all the poets
their verse makes you alive
awakens the music
that has been lying dormant
within you for centuries
that stirs the slush the muck the mud
that makes the tributaries and arteries
clog up impure
bring in all the poets
and together let them
mow down the oppressors the terrorist
who try to hold us all in check
who make us punch the time clock
who tell us what to think and feel
bring in all the poets
bring them fast
before it is too late
before the bomb is invented
that will eat the whole world up
bring in all the poets
who are all colors
who have been hidden
who can transform
and transcend
the limitation
this muted striving
look to the day
when their poem
will be loved lived and felt
when their need to express the poem
will be silenced
when the abundance
will be the orgasm the climax the oxygen
bring in all the poets
that will overtake the galaxy
the universe
when their stanzas
and rhymes
and couplets
will resonate from star to star
bring in all the poets
stretch and send them to
bangladesh to bosnia
to new york
to los angeles.
to europe
bring in all the poets
have a beer with them
or a glass of juice
share a sandwich
do not look for a resting
bring in all the poets
until you feel the winding down
the reverse
bring in all the poets
pull their words out of books and pages
pull them off
send them back to the poets’ pen and fingers
back inside his brain and extremities
send the verses back into his body
let him absorb them all at once
and start again
let him go back in time
become a child
go back further still into the womb
back inside his father before sperm
united with his mothers egg
let him go back further still
till beyond the beginning
bring in all the poets
until you are
the awareness of the one poet
the wild untamed land of the self
the unconscious where we all merge
and unite
cross and intersect
bring in all the poets
what can evolve
what can we become
bring in all the poets
on surfboards
in churches
and synagogues
in mosque’s
and train stations
in hindu and buddhist temples
bring in all the poets
all the rhythms
pulverize them crush them
crumble their bones into ashes
put new wine into the vessels
route new blood in the veins
let them come up with a plan for peace
a way to
dissolve destruction
bring in all the poets
hang them out to dry
turn their pockets inside out
speak their poems out loud
record the percussion
the wind tones
the sheer force
of all the words
bring in all the poets
the ones who hurl their poems
like a javelin
like a spear
like the shot
out of a bazooka
let them pierce you
with their loaded weapons
their images and thoughts
until you are healed
go into every crevice
every bloodstream
reverse their ignorance
stop them before they stop you
bring in all the poets
to the banquet
dance the ecstatic galactic symphony
let it penetrate into every pain
every marrow
every cell
every tissue
until there is no one left
until there are no more wars
and there is no more hatred expressed
bring in all the poets

— Stevie Kalinich

(An originator of the California sound, Stephen John Kalinich rose to fame as a young man when he began writing songs with Brian and Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys. Kalinich continues to write poetry for films and music from Los Angeles and we thank him for allowing us to run bring in the poets. Visit Stevie's website to learn more about this 'American Poet' and his fascinating life in words and music.)

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