Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Perplexity of Today and Tomorrow

Today and Tomorrow are twin sisters,
But we can only see the face of Today;
Tomorrow is too shy and elusive,
None has seen her actual face!

Tomorrow does not come in her true form,
She comes wearing the mask of Today,
If Today is the actual face of Tomorrow;
Why procrastinate and wait for her?

Tomorrow always gives anticipation of hope,
Which Today seems to have forgotten to bring along,
Today bears all the blame, curses and vexation,
Caused by Tomorrow’s nonchalance!

Tomorrow dwells in the horizon,
Where her destination cannot be reached;
Don’t wait for her to call at your door,
You’ll have a lot to be sorry for!

Work hard for Today,
And Tomorrow will give you the rewards;
For every Today is Tomorrow’s form,
Then you can never be wrong!

 - Jeremy Lum

(The Perplexity of Today and Tomorrow first appeared on Lum's Space and is republished here with the author's permission. Jeremy Lum is a retired teacher, "I love reading, writing (especially poetry and good prose), philosophy as well as music." Mr. Lum has also developed a unique poetic architecture that the Bar None Group will explore, showcase and expand upon in the coming months.)

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