Friday, October 21, 2011

The Hurricane

The calm before the storm known as Jova in Cuastacomate.

I am not afraid
of the storm
The voice from the tsunami tower
echos its danger

I am more afraid
of being alone
The wind roars like a lion
and the trees fall all around

Red muddy waters
carve huge holes in the earth
and rush from the mountains
to the sea

The turtle
and the pelican
lay dead on the beach
The calm of the storm is passing

We are safe
We are dirty and tired
We are not alone
Everyone is together

The hurricane has passed

 - Nora West

(Nora West is a writer who winters in Cuastacomate, Jalisco, Mexico. Nora lived through the terror of being in the direct path of last week's Hurricane Jova and was able to capture that ordeal in words. She is currently working on her memoirs of the equine world of competitive dressage.)

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