Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Glimpse Beyond the Horror of Phil Gibson

UK poet Phil Gibson can make you squirm and fear the dark while you are standing in broad daylight. The author of Apocalyptic Visions has a new - free - ebook available through Smashwords - A Glimpse Beyond.

A Poe for the 21st century, Gibson's tell-tale heart is mankind's destruction of the planet that we call home. The horror of Phil's poetry is amplified by the brutal honesty of the crimes we commit against the environment and each other.

From the opening lines of  A Glimmer of Light through to the closing lines of the Alice Cooper induced nightmares of The Treatment Phil Gibson's EP of poems (there are but a mere five selections in A Glimpse Beyond) will have you reaching for the bedside lamp tonight...not just for light but as a weapon to ward off the demons that are sure to invade your thoughts and dreams.

If it is a nightmare that you are looking for this Halloween or an excuse to alarm others put down The Raven and pick up Phil Gibson's e-chapbook A Glimpse Beyond.

Phil's Prosperity Calls from Apocalyptic Visions exemplifies his concerns for the environment and was featured on The Bar None Group website in the summer of 2011.

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