Monday, October 24, 2011

A Deck of Cards

In the darkness of a parlor drawer
A forgotten deck of cards gathers dust
Well worn with ancient memories
A remnant from another time

In the predawn light
By the glow of a computer
Eight decks shuffle
A spider's solitaire

There are no Clubs
in a rural deck of cards
There is too much work
to be dancing under strobes

The Two of Diamonds
sparkle in her eyes
Full of laughter -  in joyous times
Determined with resolve - more often

The Ace of Hearts
reigns above all other hearts
that wander in and out of times and fields
Leaving behind a part of themselves

The Queen of Spades surveys all
Six spades await a call to duty
The Queen finds comfort in the King of Spades
who shares her heart and bed


  1. This is a really great play on the suits in a deck of cards.... Well worn with memories.... Clubs being "Social Clubs", and you made the setting complete with a "rural" deck of cards and too much work to be done...... My mind came alive with images of a young poet sitting at his computer, in a farm-house, early in the morning before chores, typing away, falling to his passion.... And the Queen of spades, six children, and the patriarch, the King..... Very imaginative and colorful...... I really enjoyed visiting Marc.....

  2. smiles...ha quite a drama within those cards...though i may fancy a club every once in a while...smiles.

  3. John, you pretty much nailed it. I didn't think that I conveyed enough information within the poem to set the setting. You got it!

  4. Brian, a Canadian Club will do. Neat. Thank you for the kind words.

  5. amazing never looked at card quite this way before. My Mom has a bad habit she loves to play spiders all day long and it takes up her entire day doing this one great write

  6. You have a great Halloween poem, Ann. I would love to share it with the Bar None Group community.