Thursday, October 13, 2011

Barra: The Temptress by Susan Lockhart

photo © Mark Butkus 2009
Being wooed by a temptress.

She woos you with sunshine
She woos you with cheer
You beckon to her calling
And so you come near

Her seduction is taunting
Her seduction is sweet
She preys on your weakness
She knows not of defeat

As you come closer
Realization may dawn
It’s her game of chess
With you but a pawn

You may try to escape
You may try to run
But your resolve slowly wanes
And the web has been spun

She calls it the good life
She calls it your gain
So why would you argue?
So why would you complain?

Still, in the back of your mind
There’s a glimmer of hope
That freedom is imminent
And with these thoughts you can cope

She tells you that you’re happy
She tells you that you’re secure
And for you there is no medicine
And for you there is no cure

You wanted the good life
You wanted it all
You desired to be caught
So, stand up and be tall

Your life is full of sunshine
Your life is full of cheer
Be thankful that she showed you
Be thankful that you’re here

— Susan Lockhart

In Mexico, it’s Suzy Sol; in BC Canada, it’s Susan Lockhart. Born in Vancouver, Susan lived her formative youth there; she went back to the land during the ‘Flower Power’ years and settled in the North Okanagan which is still home to this day. Barra: The Temptress appears in the Bar None Anthology.

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