Monday, September 19, 2011

Teresa the Moroccan Pirate Girl

(Intro: September 19 is Talk Like A Pirate Day. In honor of this momentous occasion we have another Bar None children tale to share along with our Melanie the Red-Haired Troll story from last Hallowe'en. Needless to say this tale is a pirate story. Reading a pirate story right means rolling your "R"s so they sound like "arrghs". Where there are no "R"s, rest, for there are sure to be more!)

Teresa the Moroccan Pirate Girl
Wears a blue bandana
Over her long raven colored hair.

Arabian born,
Teresa patrols the waters
off the Moroccan shores
where Gibraltar rises
from the Mediterranean.

The Pirate Girl from Marrakech
protects the rouge roosters
from nearby Rabat
by trolling for
the purple ribbed monster.

The rogue with one eye
rests in darkness
looking for a cove to plunder,
dirham to raid.

Teresa the Pirate Girl
knows her role
and has read the rules
of the sea

The dark haired Pirate
casts a spell
to charm the growing rogue
from yonder

Under the sweltering sun
she works hard and perspires
Her ships arching to and fro
buckling from the torrents
from her enraged foe

Teresa the Moroccan Pirate Girl
spreads her armies
to lure the monster inside.

The trap is set
and the raging monster
thrusts forward into the fjord
Where Teresa the Pirate Girl
wrangles the engorged fury
before it finally succumbs

Dripping its pearlescent lifeblood
along the rocky coast
the once mighty monster
shrinks back,
receding into the darkness
mortally wounded

Tired from one more war with
Teresa the Moroccan Pirate Girl.

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