Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Still, Without

I'm a singer without a mic
I'm a boxer when there's no fight
I'm a soldier without a gun
Still a shadow when there's no sun

I'm a waiter without a tray
I'm a hunter when there's no prey
I'm a poet without a pen
Still a listener when there's no friend

I'm an actor without a crowd
I'm a DJ when there's no sound
I'm a pilot without a plane
Still a player when there's no game

   I'm the answer without question
   Letter without destination
   A lesson when there's no mistake
   Lover when there's no heart to break.

— Nicole Bataclan

Still, Without appears on these pages with the permission of the author, Nicole Bataclan and originally appeared on The Writings of Nicole Bataclan. If you enjoyed reading Still, Without you will enjoy reading more of Nicole's poems and observations. Nicole is the Bureau Editor in Zurich, Switzerland for Roots & Wings - A Magazine for Filipinos in Europe.  She is also available for freelance work.

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