Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Passing by Barra

Starry nights, smiling moon
Crawling creatures
Waves dancing
Rock, folk and Piper Blues

Smiling children, stray dogs
Hot pink flowers
Cloudless skies
Late, late nights, morning jogs

Recorded noise, street vendors
Half-built buildings
Spanglish signs
Sunrises, tired bartenders

- Brenda Hawley

(Brenda Hawley was born in sunny Summerland, beautiful British Columbia. Left home at 17 to pursue a life of fun and continue to focus on the positive side of life. Enjoy winters in Barra and summers in Canada. Love my HUSBAND, FAMILY, FRIENDS, PETS and LIFE! Brenda's Passing by Barra is one of the poems featured in the Bar None Anthology. )

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