Saturday, July 23, 2011

Venice Biennale: A Gallery of Words and Images

For more than a century the Venice Biennale has been a global showcase for promoting contemporary and avant-garde art. The current incarnation - Illuminations - runs through the end of November. In the coming days we will look at the various artists and countries that are participating through our own virtual art gallery. The Bar None Biennale is open 24/7 and we would love to hear your thoughts and share your pictures if you have attended. The Venice Biennale is worth the side trip on any European excursion.

one superscript a

Once I see it
It ceases to become
what it once was
and now becomes
what it is


framed through a lens
frozen in stasis
static no more
camera killed
the soul of art


Does a picture of art
become art?

Does a picture
of a picture
thought of as art
become art?

If a picture is worth
one thousand words
Then why
have I expended
thirty-five of them?

time adjusted 13:58

Would you like some water
to wash down that ice cream
so that I won't have to
kiss sticky lips
when I do kiss you

art with a message

I dropped
my plastic
bottle cap
on the ground
and refused
to pick it up
allowing it instead
to be thought of
as art

art with a message

italian train

Pulling in
pulling out
Italian towns

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