Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Sordid Architecture of Urban Hieroglyphics

solitude and loneliness
make me miss
raw happiness

angels and demons
blood spit and semen
pirates and conquistadors
show me what pain is for

digging in
but holding on
trying hard but being wrong
its a song not a sin
lots of gin with oxygen

dialectic catalytic
cold case love
seductive drug
erotic chill and copacetic

seratonin dopamine
make me smile
make me scream
love and rage
guilt and shame
make me try
to feel the pain

monster cocks
and clitori
heighten pleasure
make me cry
tears of joy
tears of pain
can destroy
or make me sane

rhythms hidden
now divine
and dragon like
linguistics cubed
just recognize
repeated patterns never lie
but often try when they die

bricks flying
boys are crying
mathematics realigned
chaos theory masks design
destiny-- rules like rats
its a cold hard cock fight fact
mosquito men and flysing asps
will suck her dry and make her lie

moving fast
from prime to prime
holding on
and doing time
giving back is not a crime
street art branded hard
tattooed black and badly scarred
across my heart soul and mind
rude lewd sometimes crude
but feeling fine inside the lines


The Sordid Architecture of Urban Hieroglyphics first appeared on the pages of the Bypo Revolution and is used here with the author's permission. The Bypo Revolution "exists to support the propagation of street art and street poetry - the fusion of art and social justice - and to bring positive energy into the universe."


  1. thanks for posting... peace and love...

  2. You have a voice, brother. Just making ripples in the pond. Let's see which shores they touch upon.