Monday, June 27, 2011


Yes says I, said he in the swelling sun,
Wise old child dancing naked in the parade,

With wide eyes in sleepy land, stroking hymns in the night,
Blessed crocodile teeth rolling out through the fumes,

His hands waving lights in the sea,
Through a neon lens he said yes to us all,

Yes to the traipsing bloom swirling news fodder
Painting the walls with colours in the deep

Hicham Bensassi is a poet & songwriter and grew up in West London, Ladbroke Grove. He has been published in various magazines including 20x20 Magazine, The Delinquent magazine and Black Cat Poetry, recordings of his poems have been released by Universal Music, Artifact Records and Naked Lunch@50.

Hicham has completed his debut album which is due for release in summer 2011 and has adapted his first collection of poetry Box of Innards into a screenplay which is now in production, he is also currently editing the forthcoming book; Echoes of the underground: A foot soldier’s tale by playwright, publisher and spoken word artist Lee Harris.

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