Monday, May 23, 2011

Learning a New Language

I am a clown
Walking like Charlie Chaplin
Down some ridiculous street
Saying absurd things
Usually at the wrong time

Asking whether trees have leaves
And birds have wings
And what is the color of the sky
Learning how plants grow
And how water flows

Knowing that whatever I think I know
I probably don't
Thinking that I understand
The biggest stumbling block
How can you fill a glass that is full?

Getting it wrong until it becomes right
Growing from the root of ignorance
New leaves unfold
Trusting that buds will form
That flowers will bloom

Reveling in my own incompetence
Like a child full of wonder at a new found world
Butterfly wings flapping out new words
Birds singing an unknown song
Like the beginning of a new day yet unseen

(Learning a New Language is one of the poems featured in the Bar None Anthology. The author, Russell Rosander, is one of the founders of the Bar None Group. )

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