Saturday, January 8, 2011

Writing Links and Resources

These are the web pages that link to our favored contributors, resources, and friends of Barra de Navidad and the Bar None Group.

Their writings and insights are more prescient than ours. We encourage you to learn more about them by visiting their thoughts. Links are listed chronologically because that's the way we roll.

Bar None Daily


Latina Voices

Zanne Mack

Movement for the Emancipation of Poetry (Italian)

Statpoet (German)


The Baobab Papers

The Shawback Redemptions

McBride's Organic Farm

The Daily Beat

The Piano Farm

The Garrett

BYPO Revolution

Wellness Renegade

The Writings of Nicole Bataclan

Black Heart Magazine

The New York City Minute

Barra Beth's Blog

Caught in the Cogs

Morena's Bohío

work and poetry

Lum's Space

Between the Essence and the Descent

The Gateless Passage

Keep Calm and Bookworm

Eclipsing Winter

The JulieBook

dVerse Poets Pub


Take It To The Street Poetry

Stephen John Kalinich

Poetry Soup

Concepto Villa Paz

Essaar's Virtual Voyage

I Hate Poetry


Words Before the Door



Modern Life is Rubbish...

Poems From an Open Heart




National Poetry Lab

Hello Poetry

Life Through Words

THE POET BY DAY, the journey in poem

Culture Collage

The Fourth Dimension

a sun kissed life

Russell Rosander Short Stories

Grupo Parasomnia (Peru)


All Poetry

Please let us know of any broken links or links that we are missing.


  1. Thank you so much for putting my link on your site. Very much appreciated!!!! Cheers!

    -Nicole Bataclan

  2. Nicole, thank you for allowing your poem, "Still, Without" to appear on our pages at