Friday, December 3, 2010

Fade to Black

As the curtain draws
Upon your mortal light
A legacy of letters is left behind
To remind one and all
That you strived
To transform your times
Whilst sharing a passion you have
For the written word
With the wink of an eye
And a wry sense of humor

As the author's pen runs dry
We honor the memory
of a colleague and contributor
To a dream shared amongst friends
with words of our own - 
A toast, an elegy
To a kindred spirit and a peer

Your immortal light
Will forever shine down
Upon those left behind
Jordan Crittenden is a writer
living in Barra de Navidad
As your words continue to live on
As we fade to black


— Mark Butkus

1 comment:

  1. I am a friend in Los Angeles of Jordan Crittenden.

    I searched for Jordan via google. Discovered his brothers obituary from a chapel in Grand Island, that said Jordan was living in Jalisco.

    Further search brought me to the Bar None Group, a reference to Jordan. Then the COMFORT story.

    And now FADE TO BLACK.

    I couldn't tell from COMFORT and its post script whether it was an allegory or not. It was certainly Jordan's sly sense of humor.

    But now I gather, Jordan really has died -- in October 2010?

    And Mark Butkus wrote Fade to Black under the BNG's name?

    Mark, or anyone who was a friend of Jordan's. Or, Jordan himself, if this is all an allegory, I would enjoy hearing from one of you.

    You can contact me, if your of a mind to do so, at

    My name is Robert.