Saturday, September 11, 2010

Yours: A New York Poem

I spent the afternoon exploring
As much of you as I could
Feeding on your flesh
With my lips and tongue
Illuminated my soul

We both glistened this morning
As we crossed over the threshold of our desires
I had now become yours
You held me close and told me to release my fears
You would be my dream-catcher

Yesterday we didn’t exist
Yet I allowed you to seduce me
And I don’t often fall
And I don’t often give up myself
To be led by the moment

Your scent, your taste
So exotic
The paradigm of many cultures
That you can call your own
Confident and sensitive
In equal parts

I averted my eyes
When I saw you rise before me
A schoolboy’s wanderlust
Taken to new heights
Cursory words fumbled over my tongue
As I was drawn to you

You didn’t resist
And you didn’t dismiss
My initial attempts
To brush up against you
To feel the power of your aura
To bathe in you’re radiant glow

You entered my heart
First as a silhouette of brilliance
While the setting sun behind you
Framed for me an image I’ll never let go

Without any effort
You enveloped me
The deeper I got within you
Secure from the world
Beyond these red sheets

You took me in your arms
As I took you in my heart
How long does a one night stand last
When you fall in love?

I want to love you
For more than what you are
I want to love you like a dream
I’ve always had

You are giving
Without asking in turn
You are giving
When you, yourself still hurt

I see and touch your scars
I kiss them gently
Knowing that I can’t bring back
What was

I raise my eyes from your stomach
Find you smiling down on me
I am here to help you heal
If that is what you want from me

— Mark Butkus


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