Sunday, September 5, 2010

Take Two

As I walk thru life
I live and learn
Through laughter and tears
I have created this being called me
Action, inaction and reaction
Dictate my course
Blowing with the wind
Lending an ear
Spewing hot air
Seeing what is not there
What is beyond
Feeling a moan from another
Caressing away the pain
Bringing someone to the edge
Taking them over
Leaving them behind
Better than when they were found
Anger and bitterness
To recede with the tides
The passing of time
What is recalled
Names etched in stone
Others in the heart
The chosen few inked in flesh
The forgotten
Scattered with the leaves of autumn
Words without purpose
Of forgotten regard
A full glass
and an empty bottle
Worn out soles
Kindred spirits
But always the promise
That tomorrow
we can start anew

— Mark Butkus



  1. Yeah we always have tomorrow I guess, even with today's mess. So keep on walking, great verse.

  2. and it's great to know we can start all over the movement in this mark...the literally walking from one place to the next with all its ups and downs..with all its challenges and pleasures and pain

  3. smiles...yes we can...and we do mold ourselves daily in our choices and what we take is a great piece of art and what we include is often as important as what we dont...

  4. in your face with an optimistic twist. catharsis poem of the soul laid bare.
    good piece, my friend.

  5. A solid look at the engagement and action of life...of the simple truth, that all this, for good or bad, can simply be begun anew. A nice flow to this, speaking to the varied and curious lives we all may face day-to-day...

  6. Oh sure we can... I liked this verse... and specially enjoyed your lines... which is very good.... in comparing two different things at the different places... posted oppositely...

    'A full glass
    and an empty bottle
    Worn out soles
    Kindred spirits'

    I liked it... thanks for sharing...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya

  7. Lively images and precise language work well together here to paint an affirmative if occasionally somber vision of the self, of what we can be, of what we can do. Excellent poem.

  8. Lovely images, so good to know that tomorrow we can start over.

  9. Thank you all for the poignant comments. I value each of your opinions and apologize for not answering in turn. I got married.

  10. Congratulations! Wishing you happiness!

  11. This is one of the most profound and well written poems I've ever read. Excellent!