Wednesday, September 1, 2010

In a Lunar Groove

No more music, only noise
Attempts to resuscitate
        With each new toy
Only frustration, the ego dance
Like the new toy, it doesn't last
Run to fly
           run for your life
 Leave my worries behind
Gather up & store
Live by the seashore
Barefoot in your sand
Naked in your healing sea
Laughter in your eyes
You welcomed me
Far from perfect you make me whole
Music again, joy to my soul
Glistening beaches
Mermaids, mermen
I long for your happy coast again

— Zanne Mack

(Zanne Mack is a talented musician from San Fransico. Along with her poems included here Zanne brings joy to us when she performs on stage, singing her own songs while evoking the ghosts of other talented souls. For a complete bio visit

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