Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Warning by Liz Colado

Inside the dark, odd house
We two, awkward
Uncomfortable in our skin
Distance between us increasing
With your departure

Left, a bank of wide clear windows
Facing the horizon
A brutality
Tornadoes two, hurling
Themselves toward us

"Stay," I begged
Fear flooding my voice with
Deaf to the warning
You go
“I love you.”

— Liz Colado

A poet since childhood, Liz Colado's poems reflect the images and premonitions of her subconscious dreams. The writing of poetry has been her escape to a world apart, a dimension of other, a reality considered. The meaning of poetry has helped center her all of her life. She is also the main character of a life exposed, written by an anonymous author. Read the poetry of Liz Colado and consider the interior of her mind to be the discovery of a personal dream journal on the edge. The author publishes exclusively at Basil and Spice. The Warning is reprinted here with the permission of the author.

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