Friday, August 27, 2010

Dani Thornton-Stock has an Insatiable Appetite

I sit and write out of the essence of my heart.
I want to love this time,
like I have never loved before.

The kiss that seeps from your lips ~
needs to send chills down my spine,
electrifying my soul,
transcending my thoughts into a vision ~
of my hearts desires.

I need to melt,
deep within your arms with each touch,
while caressing ~ softness of my skin ~
which weighs fervent
within your own intuitive,
transcending feelings into a vision of my
hearts yearning...

Love needs to blossom,
unfathomable within my character,
refreshing the intensity
which controls my emotions.

I need to witness the layers of imagination ~ which unfold
within quietness ~ of your thoughts.
It’s then you submerge into serenity.
You are the calmness in my life;
tranquility whereabouts ~ can only illustrate
the canvas of love,
fashioned in heaven,
cared for by angels...

— Dani Thornton-Stock

Dani Thornton-Stock writes about the beauty of love through poetry at Cashmereheart. Dani is the author of Love Letters Amidst Satin. Insatiable Appetite is reprinted here with the permission of the author.

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  1. Very Very Beautiful! How talented is Dani Thornton-Stock!