Sunday, July 18, 2010

Meet Me at Ramon's sings Marc Pettigrew

Singer/songwriter Marc Pettigrew sang me this tune that he had been working on as we drove to El Grullo to catch some mariachi music. The talented guitarist and noted tequila drinker got around to recording it with Lalo in Barra de Navidad. On his way home he stopped by Oro and played it.

A copy was ripped, pictures added and this video was created.

Meet Me at Ramon's

I can meet you on the corner
I can be there half past three
Or I can pick you up at your doorstep
Or you can meet me at Ramon's for tea.

If there is a storm outside your window
With the notion, "This just can't be."
Or if the sun sets way too early
Then meet me at Ramon's for tea.

There's a table on the sidewalk
Where you can smell the deep blue sea
We can pass the time with small talk
It's only you and me
So meet me at Ramon's for tea.

They don't have no fancy cocktails
And they don't have a maitre d'
And there's no reason to get excited
Just meet me at Ramon's for tea.

— Marc Pettigrew


  1. you have a way with words and music. Thanks, I listened to this for Pat and my 30th Anniversary and you have us back the memory of Barra again. Thanks.