Monday, July 26, 2010

Innovative Art Contest Explores Climate Change

art © Sharon McBride 2008
Submit art that explores our relationship with the climate – from clean energy to pollution-free oceans – the choice is yours.

LOS ANGELES – The Gulf oil disaster is but one example of the ways in which our fossil fuel economy is impacting the planet we call home. But as bad as this catastrophe is, the specter of global climate change looms even larger as a threat to sustaining life on Earth. Despite overwhelming evidence – species extinction and dwindling water supplies to mass migrations and mega-storms – the public is still unclear what climate really means for them.

That is why the Creative Visions Foundation is calling on artists worldwide to participate in the CoolClimate Art Contest – the first online art contest exploring climate change in its many forms – how it is impacting our lives and what can be done to ensure a sustainable future for all of Earth’s inhabitants.

How Does it Work?
Submit a work of art that explores our relationship with the climate – from clean energy jobs to pollution-free oceans – the subject choice is yours. You can submit a piece you’ve already made, or pass this email along and get an artist friend involved. Post your art on and you will be eligible to win prizes, be featured on the Planet Green Planet100 show and be displayed at key leader events nationwide on 10/10/10.

A panel of esteemed judges, including: Philippe Cousteau (ecologist); Van Jones (environmental activist) and; Jackson Browne (musician)will select 20 finalists from all submissions.

Submissions are now open and will close on August 23, 2010. You can read the Official Contest Rules on the CoolClimate Group Page.

Historically the creative community has always helped to create new and expanded visions of possibility during difficult times and we look forward to the artist’s vision for a cool and sustainable future.

(The painting accompanying this piece is Barca by Sharon McBride. When Sharon is not in Barra de Navidad painting landscapes she is tending to McBride's Organic Farm with her husband Doug.)

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