Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Day in January

Dawn breaks in a far away place
Stubborn leaves that cling to frozen branches
Frame the grey sky.
The disembodied voices on the radio
— to chipper for this time of day —
Call for more snow and cold.

The students rejoice at
Staying home another day
Bad news fill my ears
Reminding me to wake up
As I am not a child and must venture out
Under several layers of winter clothing.
Blindly, I reach over and feel for the "SNOOZE"

Where is my lover?
As I seek warmth
From underneath the covers.
I smile when she says
Nothing more than, "Good Morning"
With the look from her eyes.

My eyes, still heavy, close
While I think of a poem
And fall into a dream
For another fifteen minutes.

— Mark Butkus