Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Patron Shots With My Brother

 Tools of the Tequila trade: El jimador and his coa de jima.

Patron shots,
with you,
Our road smooth and rough
our journey sweet and sour
when did we get so old ?
It seems like yesterday
we were erecting tents out of sheets
playing cowboys that
we loved to watch in
the town theatre.
We found refuge from the heat
and delighted in the smell
of fresh popcorn.
You resented the little
tag along sister
that looked up to you.
Here we are
we have lived,
we loved,
and we lost our parents
we walked through
grief and pain.
Yesterday is present,
a soundtrack of our life,
a loving home,
with treasured memories.
A life not perfect,
but a life well lived.
Patron shots
to celebrate your birthday
to celebrate our life
magical yesterdays
that will live forever
in our hearts.

— Ayala Zarfjian

The Bar None Group has been a fan of Ayala Zarfjian and her poetry for a few years. We are honored to have her share one of her poems with our readers. This engaging poet from Florida believes in living each day the best way possible — to Ayala, the glass is always half full. As well as being a favored poet she is also a mother, wife, entrepreneur, blogger and, dreamer. Patron Shots With My Brother first appeared on her poetic website, a sun kissed life.

The artwork accompanying Ayala's Patron Shots With My Brother is El Jimador by Russell Rosander, artist and co-founder of the Bar None Group.