Saturday, September 28, 2013

Me and My Bottle

Touched him
He was cold
Looked at him
He was old

One evening, not too long ago
Before all these happenings
We kissed — under mistletoe
Had felt his heart faster beating

Now, far under heavy stone
Not this time to rise
Thoughts are: Glad he's gone.
Finally now realize I'm alone
...And lonely.

Good bye, dear sweet man.

— Steve Elsaesser

A native of Cincinnati, Steve Elsaesser now calls Naples, Florida home. Steve writes, "what I think, feel, observe, live, and what I have learned." Not bound by rules and traditions, Steve Elsaesser's poetry can be found at The Fourth Dimension. Me and My Bottle was written in memoriam of Steve's last drink of alcohol — Monday March 18, 1974 and appears here with his permission.