Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Water Log

photo © Mark Butkus 2011

She pulled me closer
as the dawn broke over Pilsen
Before our eyes opened
I felt the tender squeeze of my hand
and she whispered,

Do you believe that two strangers
who met on a beach in Sayulita
could have lead to this moment?

We had met on the shores of the Pacific
By the time we arrived at my home
four hours down the coast
I would always remember her name

Our next hello was in the rain
Polka dot rubber boots
appropriate for a picnic
on an empty Lake Michigan

A fresh water frolic
on the rocky shores of Lake Huron
before Lake Ontario lifted me in the air
and brought me down again next to you

A new year rang in Puerto Vallarta
as fireworks reflected on the surf
reflected in the canals of Venice
as spring turned to summer

The Tyrrhenian Sea
on a lazy Sunday in Rome
following a dance across the Atlantic

An extended weekend on the Adriatic
as we could not pull away
from the charms and beauty
that was to be our Venice

How the sun shone down
on the Mediterranean
rescuing a weekend in Barcelona

Along the Moroccan coast
as the stiff winds blew us
to Essaouira and the discovery
of poets gone and forgotten
who travel with me still

Returning to the New World
as summer blew away New York
and an afternoon at Coney Island

A wedding by a fountain
where writers walk in Central Park
and a year end exclamation point
on the lonely Far Rockaway piers

And now I've seen the Chicago River
turn as green as the crowds
on St Patrick's Day
and you ask me,
if I can believe?

— Mark Butkus