Monday, March 19, 2012

Going and Coming

Let's go because we can
Up and out and across this wild-eyed

country -- no one else
has done it like we! No one

else can see first its sunrise
through our blurry eyes or
taste it's fleshy freshness on

a dewy morning stirring
beside a sleepy New England

mill town. Or smell the pungent steel hearths
of industry. Or feel the warm

ghost sea air. Or hear the sugar sand settling
under the door on bebop winds
of change, change

change the clock, the sheets, the tires,
the weather -- bursting our

chests open from love of this and this and this
This small cafe. This gravelly food. These
world-worn compatriots. This familiar

strangeness. Let's go because we can
Let's take it all in, all of it --
the whole throbbing sweaty length of it and
come back for more, begging

please! -- for more and more and more
until we lay exhausted, caressed in the sweet
traveler's afterglow: sullied and spent, sorrowed
and satisfied...


 - Rick Dale

(Rick Dale is the author of  The Beat Handbook: 100 Days of Kerouactions  - part nonfiction how-to, part memoir, and part journal, The Beat Handbook lays out one hundred days of reading, writing, and introspection that can help you find your inner Beat. Going and Coming is from Rick's poetry collection, Once in a Blue While Moon and is used here with the author's permission. We thank Rick Dale for allowing us to share Going and Coming with our readers.)