Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Wedding on Writers' Walk

The only straight line in Central Park is formally known as Literary Walk or The Mall. Most people know it as Writers' Walk. It is a place where dreams are imagined and enacted. Vendors line its' sides selling poetic chapbooks, photos of New York City, of John Lennon in his iconic New York City t-shirt and kitsch such as fridge magnets. Standing on guard at Writers' Walk are statues of William Shakespeare, Robert Burns, Walter Scott and the forgotten Fitz-Green Halleck.

On November 11, 2011 — 11/11/11 — Central Park was the locale of many marriages made in Heaven. With City Hall offices closed for Veterans' Day, lovebirds from far and wide made arrangements to be married in Central Park on such an auspicious day. On Writers' Walk two writers who met in Mexico — one from America, one from Canada — sealed their love on Writers' Walk and joined the 100 000+ worldwide who exchanged vows of love.

There are eight million stories in the Naked City. This one belongs to Mark and Teresa. These are their vows. Their poetry.

For Mark on His Wedding Day

I couldn't resist
your Sayulita smile
Didn't know then it
was the beginning of

De Mexico a Canada
los Estados Unidos y el E.U.
hasta Africa
we have travelled
through this world
creating, writing
words, pictures
my voice and your vision
we will travel more places

New York isn't a dream
It's here as we imagined
on Writers' Walk
in Central Park

Since 3/20
I've loved you
I declare it again on 11/11/11
You'll always be the one
in my heart


For Teresa on Her Wedding Day

The tumblers of the universe aligned
As you tumbled into my heart
On a beach, in Sayulita
As I was stumbling through life

In a dust covered frame in Chicago
Is a reminder of that day —
The first roots of my Poet-tree
And the nervous few lines that she wrote

You never gave up on me
When opportunities arose
When time and distance kept us apart

You told me that the world was ours
And that we would see the world together
— and we have

Beginning in Central Park
We share this world together
As one Poet-tree — un corazon
One shared heartbeat
in our journey toward tomorrow

You are cherished and adored
I am honored and humbled
You are what I think of
When I think of love...

The photo and video was recorded on November 11, 2011 by Eric Butkus (my Best Man) in New York's Central Park. The service was performed by David Gallo.

A new verse begins.