Monday, November 7, 2011


It seems we have created a society wherein everybody wants to be the teacher, yet nobody wants to take the time to be the prudent student...

That said it must be taken into account that life is a series of events that make up an entire journey, and there is no one event that dubs all the others obsolete or unnecessary. All levels must be completed step by step and can only be partaken in after the initial step. This is the journey of life and no matter where or how it is participated in, it must be endured in order for it to reach a point of self-relevance and achieved attribution to the wealth of those who lived and came to their end, but refused to die after they met that end.

So live your life with no apologies... no excuses... just the occasional explanation for your actions, or lack thereof, in all insistences of engagement, or deviation from their amusement. Live to let live and help others help themselves to live where and when possible and even when it seems impossible. For the very reason that what you have now come to comprehensively understand as an impossible undertaking could seem as nothing less than that from the one you wish to, or don’t want to, assist in their grief-stricken journey of impracticality. So help them discover how to help themselves and you could possibly create a cycle of voluntary, and/or guilt-ridden, assistance to all known and unknown soldiers along this battle for the individual plight to reach the useable light… the light that adorns the thrown of he who never gave up the goal of winning the unwinnable fight.

But know that this must, and can only, be done in as a systematic process for the reason that if the one helped falls back to a previous state of self-doubt and loathing, they may know how to assist themselves to a point where they can once again feel the glorifying shine of that light. And for this reason alone there is but only one rule along this journey of life. The rule is that there is absolutely no skipping allowed.

Only a true teacher understands that, you stop living when you stop learning. It can thereby be stated that in order to be a great teacher you must never stop being an attentive student with a demonic persistence to satisfy your own intellectual yearning for pure excellence.

But make sure that in this reality we call life you are able to stand up straight and proud, because you now fully comprehend that from now till the very end, there is...


- Nikolai Tjongarero

(Born and bred in Windhoek, Namibia, Nikolai Tjongarero started writing poetry at 14 and never stopped. Nikolai wrote his first book AOAME: Accounts of a Metal Evolution (not published) over the next decade and has recently been selected as one of the contributors to The Ground's Ear Contemporary Verse from Southern Africa poetry anthology. Nikolai is also a regular contributor to the CPT Street Mag - an online zine from Cape Town, South Africa.)