Thursday, July 7, 2011

Street Poetry of Firenze

Four poems by the Movimento.

From statues of David to crypts of Dante, Michelangelo and Elizabeth Barrett Browning I have wandered the streets of Firenze kissing history and embracing the art and culture.

In the birthplace of graffiti you can no longer write on ancient walls for fear of penalty. Yet the lovers and the poets are undaunted. They will not bow down. They will not acquiesce. They will not be quiet.

I have come across the poets of the street - the Movimento per l'Emancipazione della Poesia. I adhere to the tenets of their manifesto for it mirrors that of the Bar None Group - art that is not shared withers and dies. The MEP and their clandestine missions of the night post poetry on the walls of Europe bringing the soul of the poet back to the masses.

I apologize for the feeble attempt at translating the original Italian into English. It was done with the best of intentions and to further spread poetry. In all tongues. In all corners of the world.

To read the works in their original form it is recommended that you click on the accompanying photo or the individual authors non-byline.

by M.01

"I'm afraid that I don't understand you."

"I did not understand."

"Thank you."

Lucid Chaos
by L.03

Scavenge the depths of the soul
For the spark that lies within
I search for an everlasting light
So that my spirit may shine.
I wander impatiently
Carving a path
through heavy traffic
that I carry back home
In the fog that encircles me
Wanting to find a connection
to my life.
Clarity comes,
the further away I go
from these filled pages.
dark and cold
I just want some hash and some wine
A pen and a notebook

by J.01

There's a rhythm
between my life and my dreams

the cosmos-

But what is it?
I don't know

From Noon Until Five
by V.02

It's a little faded from years of dust and neglect,
but the reflecting light still
finds me and eats at me,
while I try
to resist -
behind darkened sunglasses,
to not shed a tear.
After waiting so long
at a snack bar...
I drank four coffees
and I combed my hair,
for nothing
in this world,
for nothing.